Honey & Almond Home Bath Gift Set - 7Pc Handmade Spa Kit in Basket

Honey & Almond Home Bath Gift Set - 7Pc Handmade Spa Kit in Basket

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The sweet, nutty fragrance of Honey & Almond will carry you away into sudsy paradise! This delicious fragrance is infused with rich, buttery notes and conjures the image of a warm baked treat on a snowy day. Let your body soak up the goodness while you pamper your skin with the finest bath products.

omething truly special when presenting this gift of sheer indulgence! Personalize it with a thoughtful written message on the enclosed gift note to win the heart of your Girlfriend, Wife, Mom, Sister, or Friend. What better way to celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter Day & Thanksgiving with the ultimate beauty spa gift basket, Armed with our array of lavish bath accessories!



Shower Gel (240ml)

Lather up with this Honey & Almond fragrance. Let it sink into your skin to smooth and soften. Leaves the skin clean and pure with a pleasant scent

Benefits: Made with Vitamin E & Shea Butter


Bubble Bath (240ml)

Complete your dreamy bedtime routine with this Honey & Almond bubbler. Sink deep into a warming embrace and find peaceful relaxation

Benefits: Skin softener, Honey & Almond sudsy bubbles


Body Lotion (120ml)

A luxurious rich Honey & Almond Body Lotion to soothe and moisturize your skin, body and mind before setting down for the night

Benefits: Calming Honey & Almond Lotion with rich Shea Butter


Bath Salt (100g)

Soak in a tub filled with these Bath Salts. It detoxifies your body, improves skin barrier function and leaves you smelling delightful and fresh

Benefits: Made with Vitamin E & Shea Butter


Spa Ball (70g)

Rehydrate and nourish your skin with this Bath Bomb. Soak in a bath, your skin will benefit so much from absorbing all the goodness packed

Benefits: Made with Vitamin E and Shea Butter


Lush Bath Puff

Lather, cleanse and exfoliate with this beauty pouf. Apply a puff of soap, bubble it up and feel renewed, giving your skin a new glow

Benefits: Improves blood circulation, sheds dead skin cells


Hand Weaved Basket

upscale and beautiful basket that makes a multi-purpose storage solution where you can keep your beauty essentials

Benefits: Creates an unique decoration for your bathroom


Personalized Gift Note

Add some extra oomph with this Personalized Gift Note. Surprise them with your own few words that conveys your heartwarming message

Benefits: Gives your gift a personal touch