Healing Through Yoga: Transform Loss into Empowerment

Healing Through Yoga: Transform Loss into Empowerment

For anyone who has suffered loss, a collection of meditations and poses for working through grief.

So often, we think that grief lives only in our hearts and minds. But what about the emotions that weigh us down and the grief that gets stuck in our body? Our emotions need motion, and 
Healing Through Yoga is a unique, simple, and powerful way of healing.

Grief Yoga founder Paul Denniston takes you through the stages of Awareness, Expression, Connection, Surrender, and Evolution with clear and compassionate instruction, poses, exercises with easy-to-follow photos, and meditations specifically designed to move you through that particular step. Learn how to release pain and suffering without expectation or judgment and reconnect to life, love, and strength. Even if you have never done yoga before, this heartfelt book can help you process your grief and use it as fuel for transformative healing and emotional release.

EXPERT AUTHOR: Paul Denniston is the founder of Grief Yoga, a program he created with David Kessler (co-author of 
On Grief and Grieving) and tours worldwide, working with bereavement groups, cancer support centers, addiction and Alzheimer's groups, and individuals dealing with any kind of loss.

NOT JUST FOR YOGIS: Paul's audience is mostly made up of people who had never thought of yoga as a way to work through grieving. This practice is not as much about physical flexibility as it is about emotional liberation.

GREAT RESOURCE FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS: Paul has taught this practice to thousands of therapists, counselors, and healthcare professionals around the world.

A NEW TOOL FOR ALL TYPES OF LOSS: Paul teaches these exercises to workshops dealing with all kinds of loss, including breakups, divorce, betrayal, bereavement, cancer, addiction, suicide, Alzheimer's, and more. This book can help with new and old losses and traumatic experiences that often go unattended.