Gibson Expresso Expressions 13 Piece Stoneware Espresso Set
Gibson Expresso Expressions 13 Piece Stoneware Espresso Set
Gibson Expresso Expressions 13 Piece Stoneware Espresso Set

Gibson Expresso Expressions 13 Piece Stoneware Espresso Set

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Gibson is a third generation company, initiated by our Grandfather. Then our Father Nejat Gabbay, established Gibson overseas in the United States. Through his keen vision our foundation has been built on solid and genuine business principles. Gibson goal is to be of service to you. We welcome you to explore the products we have to offer and look forward to being granted this opportunity by you. Gibson products are designed and developed in California with a commitment to style and value That's made us a necessary resource for retailers worldwide. Our time tested relationships and decades of expertise in Asia's manufacturing sector s results No other company can provide.

  • Set of Espresso Cups
  • Includes 6 espresso mug, saucers and one metal storage rack -Black and White
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • Stoneware
  • Made with reactive glaze finishing technique.Included Components: 13 Piece Set

Service for six with rack
Your espresso cups set comes with six 3 ounce cups and six 4.5" saucers that are porcelain and a 9.5" metal rack that is perfect for displaying on your counter or your table and is easily stored. The cups and saucers are dishwasher and microwave safe and are specifically designed for enjoying espresso, coffee or any beverage. Whether you spell it espresso or expresso your beverage is somehow made more enjoyable by sipping from your cup and saucer.

Black and White decorated porcelain
Share the rich body of your espresso creations by serving your coffees with Gibson's Espresso Expressions. You and your guests will instantly feel you are enjoying your drinks at a sidewalk caf in Italy or France. You will feel like you are a barista even if you are preparing your mocha, cappuccino or espresso for yourself or an intimate companion!

Espresso loved worldwide
The classic espresso originated in Italy but it has become a worldwide favorite drink of all cultures. From Asia to Europe, Caribbean to the Mediterranean, England to Cuba, New York to Los Angeles whether you are pressing by hand in a French Press or enjoying the shots and froth from a specialty machine the Expresso Expressions cup and saucer set will be a fabulous compliment to your morning, afternoon or evening coffee, latte or tea beverage.