Strawberry Milk Home Bath Gift Set - 25Pc Tote Bag Gift
Strawberry Milk Home Bath Gift Set - 25Pc Tote Bag Gift
Strawberry Milk Home Bath Gift Set - 25Pc Tote Bag Gift

Strawberry Milk Home Bath Gift Set - 25Pc Tote Bag Gift

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Indulge your senses in a deluxe scent while adding a natural glow to your skin as our bath and body kit is powered with Strawberry and Milk - 2 of the best beauty care ingredients.


Shower Gel (210ml)

Lather up with this Strawberry Milk fragrance. Let it sink into your skin to smooth and soften. It’s a warm explosion for your skin & senses

Benefits: Packed with many Vitamins for skin nourishment


Bubble Bath (210ml)

Complete your dreamy bedtime routine with this Strawberry Milk bubbler. Sink deep into a warming embrace and find peaceful relaxation

Benefits: Skin softener, Strawberry Milk sudsy bubbles


Bath Salt (100g)

Soak in a tub filled with these Bath Salts. It detoxifies your body, improves skin barrier function and leaves you smelling delightful and fresh

Benefits: Made with Vitamin E & Shea Butter


Body Scrub (150ml)

An invigorating Strawberry Milk Body Scrub to reveal brighter and smoother skin. Perfect to use on all skin types to preserve moisture

Benefits: Deep cleanser, sensitive to all skin types


Shampoo (100ml)

Who doesn't like a tingly scalp? This Strawberry Milk Shampoo boosts fine, thin & oily hair to promote healthy hair & happy scalps

Benefits: Packed with minerals for healthy hair


Conditioner (100ml)

A lightweight, moisturizing Conditioner for dry, fine hair. Infuses hair with movement, fullness and extraordinary color vibrancy

Benefits: Made with essential nutrients for healthy hair


Toothpaste (30g)

Achieve your brightest smile ever. A Toothpaste that prevents tooth decay, bad breath, and plaque buildup. Detoxifies mouth and gum

Benefits:Sweet tasting toothpaste and strengthens tooth enamel


Body Lotion (120ml)

A luxurious rich Strawberry Milk Body Lotion to soothe and moisturize your skin, body and mind before setting down for the night

Benefits: Calming Strawberry Milk Lotion with rich Shea Butter


6x Bath Bombs (15g ea)

These Bath Bombs add emollients and softeners to your bath's water that moisturize and indulge your skin. You will emerge with soft, supple & silky skin

Benefits: Made with essential oils that revive skin


Loofah Puff

Lather, cleanse and exfoliate with this Beauty Puff. Apply a puff of soap, bubble it up and feel renewed, giving your skin a new glow

Benefits: Improves blood circulation, sheds dead skin cells


6x Shower Steamers (30g ea)

 Vapor Tablets that will transport aromatherapy essential oils through the steam of your shower while enveloping you in a cocoon of love and relaxation

Benefits: Essential oils that help nourish your mind, body & soul


Toothbrush & Toothpaste Case

Toothbrush box is easy to carry, perfect for your personal travel, business trip, camping, and home use. Keeps your toothbrush fresh and clean

Benefits: Made of durable plastic and travel size 



Sweep deep into your gums to remove plaque while these bristles penetrate hard to reach areas. Provides you with a charcoal clean effect

Benefits: Naturally whitens and shines your teeth


Upscale Leather Bag

Convenient, durable and upscale. It makes a multi-purpose storage solution where you can keep your beauty essentials

Benefits: Spacious, adjustable strap, durable leather