Home Spa Gift Basket - 13Pc Marble Bath and Body Kit Orchid Flowers
Home Spa Gift Basket - 13Pc Marble Bath and Body Kit Orchid Flowers
Home Spa Gift Basket - 13Pc Marble Bath and Body Kit Orchid Flowers

Home Spa Gift Basket - 13Pc Marble Bath and Body Kit Orchid Flowers

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The delicate, exotic and graceful orchid scent represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. Gift yourself with this deluxe spa set and feel the orchid flowers revitalize your skin & soul.


Bubble Bath (250ml)

Complete your dreamy bedtime routine with this White Orchid bubbler. Sink deep into a warming embrace and find peaceful relaxation

Benefits: Skin softener, White Orchid sudsy bubbles


Shower Gel (250ml)

Lather up with this White Orchid fragrance. Let it sink into your skin to smooth and soften. It’s a warm explosion for your skin & senses

Benefits: Packed with many Vitamins for skin nourishment


Epsom Salt (100g)

Soak in a tub filled with this Epsom Salt. It detoxifies your body, improves skin barrier function and leaves you smelling delightful and fresh

Benefits: Made with Vitamin E & Shea Butter


Body Oil (30ml)

Slip into our enchanting White Orchid essential oil to calm and soothe your irritated, sensitive skin. Massage your skin to replenish moisture

Benefits: Relaxing, hydrating and moisturizing oil


Organic Lip Balm (15g)

A long lasting, moisturizing and volumizing Lip Balm that helps nourish delicate or chapped lips, restoring its original soft look and feel

Benefits: Made with Beeswax, Shea Butter and Vegetable Oil


Shower Steamer (60g)

A vapor tablet that will transport aromatherapy essential oils through the steam of your shower while enveloping you in a cocoon of love and relaxation

Benefits: Essential oils that help nourish your mind, body & soul


Pumice Stone

Our pumice foot stone has a unique porous texture that gently removes dead skin and calluses from hands, feet and elbows

Benefits: Promotes blood circulation, relieves fatigue and improves sleeping


Wooden Massager

Give yourself a relaxing massage any time with this portable massager. the large and dense rolling balls will provide deep tissue massage for you

Benefits: Improve blood circulation and soothes stiff muscles


Insulated Tumbler

Engraved the words "Love, Not A Day Over Fabulous "Has a double wall vacuum to Keep your drink hot or cold while on the go

Benefits: BPA Free and Thermal Copper lining


Stainless Steel Straw & Spoon

Use this straw and spoon while on the go. Fits perfectly into our tumbler with a specialized drinking hole to sip and insert straw

Benefits: 2 in 1 straw and mixing spoon for perfect use



Made of premium stainless steel, this tweezer is durable. Use it to remove excess hairs and get the groomed look. Made with fine tips for easy use

Benefits: Has slanted and sharp tips, does not rust


Marble Tub

It’s the perfect gift to give on Birthdays or any other occasion. No additional wrapper needed, it is ready to go with its ribbon and high end marble décor

Benefits: Luxurious vanity accent to keep beauty essentials